Hakiki Turkish Icecream


25% Liven Cash, up to $30

Get rewarded with Liven Cash equal to 25% of the total bill up to a maximum value of $30, subject to the conditions below:


- You must pay your bill using the Liven App
- Minimum spend of $10 applies

Standard Liven Conditions
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About Hakiki Turkish Icecream

This ice cream is unlike anything you have experienced. The traditional serving is plain ice cream with a sprinkling of powdered pistachio, served with a knife and fork, for it is not easily scooped with a spoon. While it may sound unappetising to eat such a hard, frozen mass it is in fact very smooth and melts like butter as soon as it hits the warmth of the tongue. No need to greedily gulp down a cone of ice cream to prevent a sticky mess of melted syrup down your arm - Maras ice cream sits patiently in its cone, allowing you to leisurely savour each creamy bite.

The Secret to Maras ice cream is the salep - or the dried, powdered root of an orchid that grows in Southern Turkey. Salep is what gives this ice cream its incredible creamy flavour and also these gravity-defying, melt-resistant qualities.

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