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Who We Are

Liven is a plug and play growth solution empowering businesses to boost in-venue traffic and use our smart technology to understand, gain and retain spender’s with our rewards-based mobile payment network.

Nearly 200,000 spenders (and growing!) are finding great venues in-app, paying instantly with a single button press, and earning Liven Cash - our dollar value network currency. Liven Cash can be saved up, spent at any venue in our network, or passed on to a nominated charity. We reward our spenders to keep eating out and give them the opportunity to do good with their savings. It’s a system that brings in new customers and keeps them coming back for more.

What We Do For You?

  • Busy business

    Busy Business

    Leverage our growing online user to grow your business

  • In venue

    Inherently In-Venue

    Acquire customers looking for options on their phones to come into your venue.

  • Retain

    Retain & Repeat

    Spenders become loyal to Liven’s network of venues (that means you!)

  • Nifty

    Nifty Network

    We incentivise spenders to keep spending in our network of top-tiered venues.

  • Smart

    Smart Solution

    User Data to Understand Your Spenders

  • Cashless

    Cashless Convenience

    Accept digital payments without any infrastructure installation

Why We Work


95% go online for in-venue recommendations.


70% of customers do not book tables.


Liven bills are 20% higher than average order values.


40% of first time venue visitors return within a month.


In-venue complementary solution to delivery service.


100% control of your service.

Digital currency for food

The first digital currency for food.

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