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Have your brand exposed through social media, email, and in-app promotion - free of charge.

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Our users have accumulated thousands and thousands of dollars in Liven credit, money that they will be spending exclusively at Liven partner venues.

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Fill your seats with a huge pool of tech-savvy food enthusiasts looking for new experiences, and ready to share them with all of their friends.


Hold on to loyal customers with Liven’s robust rewards-based payment system.

Build Reputation

Align your brand with reputable charities and create positive change by allowing users to donate their credit to a charity of their choosing.

Go Cashless

Let your customers pay seamlessly on their mobile, just request a bill, and swipe to pay.

Expose Your Restaurant To Millenials

80% of our members are millennials (18 - 34 years old) who exhibit highly desirable consumer traits. They dine regularly and spend more.

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