Volume 2

Brunch, Café

20% - Earn up to $25

Earn LVN equal to 20% of the total bill up to a maximum value of $25, subject to the conditions below:


• You must pay your bill using the Liven App

Standard Liven Conditions
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About Volume 2

Volume 2 is the personification of a brunch experience in the heart of Abbotsford, on one of Melbourne's major thoroughfares Victoria St. A heritage building with intimate dinning rooms, catering for all dietary requirements that inspire the heart and pallet. Aiming to provide an unearthed experience through locally sourced produce and an un-compromised eye for detail. Come and immerse yourself amongst in the Volume 2 community and enjoy our culinary delights.

How to redeem this offer

Use Liven app to redeem this offer, free download from App Store or Google Play Store

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Google Maps Navigation385 Victoria Street
Abbotsford 3067

Branch location map

Trading Hours
Monday ~ Friday
07:00 ~ 16:00
Saturday ~ Sunday
08:00 ~ 16:00