Schmucks Bagels

American, Café

10% - Earn up to $25

Earn LVN equal to 10% of the total bill up to a maximum value of $25, subject to the conditions below:


• You must pay your bill using the Liven App

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About Schmucks Bagels

Bagels may be big in America, but follow the trail of breadcrumbs back far enough and it’ll lead you to the Jewish bakeries of 17th century Poland. I’ve binged on bagels since I was a boy and they’ve always reminded me of my grandfather. He was a holocaust survivor who somehow carried his sense of humour all the way to Australia after the war. He lived seriously, ate seriously and loved seriously. My Zaida took everything seriously – except himself.

Schmucks Bagels is my way of reminding myself to do the same. I asked hospitality mavens Tommy Collins to figure out the best way to create & fill bagels with freshness and serve them smiling (food and fun is their shtick). After countless sleepless nights and more quality control than probably necessary, our little group of Melbourne Schmucks has finally introduced the city to seriously, schmick bagels – and taught it how to swear in Yiddish, Zaida would be proud.

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Melbourne 3000

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Monday ~ Friday
07:00 ~ 15:30
Saturday ~ Sunday
07:00 ~ 15:00