Mason Dixon


20% - Earn up to $30

Earn LVN equal to 20% of the total bill up to a maximum value of $30, subject to the conditions below:


• You must pay your bill using the Liven App

Standard Liven Conditions
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About Mason Dixon

Mason Dixon is an American-style meal serving big and bold American flavours using the finest Australian and American produce.

Owner/Operator Garrett was born in Boston, Massachusetts (north of the Mason Dixon Line) and grew up in Georgia (in the Deep South). Mason Dixon serves sandwiches from the areas where Garrett grew up and draws inspiration from the likes of northern delicatessens and southern roadside BBQ pits.

At Mason Dixon, you can sample sandwiches from both the north and south of the Mason Dixon Line. They serve sandwiches inspired by NY Delis-- like the MD Reuben as well as sandwiches from the deep south-- like Carolina Pulled Pork. You can go even further south and try the Floridian classic: the Cubano--Miami Style. We can also help you create your own sandwich masterpiece.

How to redeem this offer

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Google Maps Navigation600 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000

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Trading Hours
Monday ~ Friday
08:00 ~ 16:00