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What is Liven?

Do I need to pay to access Liven?

How do I get Liven?

Liven Pay

What is Liven Pay and how do I use it?

What is Liven Cash?

How do I spend my Liven cash?

Can I still use Liven Pay and get Liven Cash if I don’t have a credit card?

Can I use the Liven Cash I’ve earned from a transaction, to pay for that same transaction?

I tried to pay the bill with Liven Pay but the transaction was declined, what went wrong?

Do I need an internet connection to use Liven?

I am seeing a “Redeem Now” button instead of “Request Bill”

How can I tell if a venue accepts Liven Pay or not?

How do I report a bug in the Liven app?

Refer & Earn

What is Liven’s Refer & Earn program?

How do I find my referral code?

I’ve been referred, how do I enter my friend’s referral code?

I referred a friend, when do I get my credit?

Liven Love

What is Liven Love?

Are my Liven Love donations tax-deductible?

Will I get a tax receipt for my Liven Love donation?

Liven Account

How do I add payment details to my Liven account?

My credit card was declined by the application, what should I do?

Why do I need to enable my GPS Location for the Liven app?

How do I change the email address linked to my Liven account?

How do I change the mobile phone number linked to my Liven account?

How do I reset my Liven password?

I’m having trouble logging in to Liven with my email address

I’ve got a promo code, how do I use it?