The New Way to Fund-Raise

Liven let's people give back at the time they are feeling most thankful.

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Our Major Charity Partners

Liven is working in partnership with both small and large charities to provide innovative fund raising solutions. Our sophisticated platform allows us to assist organisations to raise funds in a number of ways. Tap into our audience of over 100,000 users, plus give your existing followers an entirely new way to support you charity.

How Liven is Helping

Now you can have your cake, and share it too! Liven Love lets users share the good vibes by giving them the option to share some of their cashback directly with their favourite charity! Australia truly is the lucky country and there is no better time to feel thankful and give back then right after enjoying a delicious meal. Liven makes this not only possible but also convenient. Our users can keep some cashback and share some, donate the whole lot or keep it all for the next time they dine out - the choice is theirs!

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