About us



verb to make (something) more lively, interesting, or exciting

About Liven

Liven was created to help get Australians more of what they love, for less. Our business is all about providing great experiences, getting out of the house, and enjoying life - that’s what it’s all about after all!

Liven is focussed on creating a convenient and engaging experience for its users, utilising complicated technology in a pleasingly simple way. Members carry Liven and its entitlements with them everywhere they go, so they can access great offers all the time and use the service spontaneously.

Our Company

In early 2013, a team of young Australian professionals came together and started working (with some guidance from more experienced business leaders) to make Liven into a reality. We are a Melbourne based company with grand ambitions, and will be expanding rapidly across Australia, beginning with our hometown.

Our Philosophy

At Liven, we believe in three things: convenience, quality and being dynamic.

Our core focus is making life more simple and convenient through modern technology. We work hard to simplify the dull things in life so that there is more time to do things we enjoy.
With Liven, you will never have to feel that you have been treated differently by a restaurant owner or service provider because you are using a coupon. This is because you are an exclusive member of the Liven club! Also, we choose our merchants carefully because as we said, we value and believe in “quality”.
There is nothing static about Liven. We are constantly bringing new and exciting merchants on board and creating new features for our applications to help you get more of what you love. We love to offer new experiences to our members, and always encourage them to get out of the house and enjoy life. With Liven we can promise, you won’t be bored!