Frequently asked questions

The Liven Club

What is Liven?
Liven is a digital entertainment club that gives its members access to fantastic offers from some of the best restaurants, retailers and service providers across Melbourne.
What is a Free Membership?
You automatically become a Free member as soon as you sign up. You can then view all of the offers which become available to you when you upgrade to Premium.
What is a Premium Membership?
At just $39.95 per year, you can access all 320 enticing offers from the quality Liven Partners, valid for a whole year. You can save up to $6,300 per year - a huge value for a very small investment.
How much can I save as a Premium Member?
About $8,300 if you can use all 320 offers in one year! You can typically save anywhere from $10 to even $100 per usage of each voucher that entitles you to a 25% to 50% discount on your bill.
Can I try Liven Premium for free?
Of course! By signing up you will automatically receive 2 free offers. Once you have tried Liven you will quickly see how easy it is to earn back the Premium Membership fee in just one or two outings.
How do I claim my 2 free offers?
You do not need to do anything. Your free account is automatically credited with 2 free vouchers.

How to use Liven

How do I redeem an offer?
Download the free Liven app, and find the offer you want to redeem. Visit the venue, tap “Redeem Now” when when paying your bill. The merchant will then take care of the rest.
I can't find the restaurant I want
We rely on a set of strict selection criteria when curating the offers for you, but it does not mean you are out of luck. If you want to see your favourite restaurant on Liven, please let us know and we will endeavour to get them on board!
Can I use the same offer more than once?
Generally yes but some businesses limit their offers to once or twice per year. You should always check the offer details as well as the number of offers in the ‘Redeem Now’ button, before you redeem them.
What is the PIN to redeem an offer?
You do not have, or need, a PIN. The PINs are known and entered by the business only at the point of transaction.
I have accidentally used up one of my offers
Contact us at, quoting your username and the offer you used. If your redemption was in error we will reverse it.
How do I report a bug in the Liven app?
Contact us via the App's in-built “Send us feedback” feature, online form or by email to

Save & Donate

What is Save & Donate?
Save & Donate is Liven's new charity feature which allows its members to donate a portion of their discount saving to a charity of their choosing, all through the Liven app.
Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes, all donations above the value of $2.00 AUD are tax deductible and a receipt will be provided to you via email within 7 days of your contribution to all charities except beyondblue. Receipts for donations made to beyondblue will be provided to you directly by beyondblue.
What charities are involved?
At the moment Liven has partnered with the following Australian Charitable organisations:
  • The RSPCA
  • The Salvation Army
  • Heart Foundation
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Arthritis Victoria
  • beyondblue
  • The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation
How does it exactly work?
When you redeem an offer, you will be able to select the amount of donation and the charity of your choice. The donation would be made once your offer is verified by the business.
Why do you need my card information?
Under current regulation, we have to charge your card directly to give you the tax invoice for tax-deductible purpose. No worries, your saving will be fully applied to your final bill.
What happens to my money?
All donations made through the Liven app will be deposited into our donation fund holding account. They will be disbursed to your nominated charities within 30 days.
The restaurant staff cannot remember their verification PIN, what happens now?
Donation cannot be made unless the offer is verified. You should contact us immediately at so we can provide you with further assistance.


I cannot login with my email address
Please contact us at from the email you used to create your Liven account.
Change my email address
You can change your email address when you first create your account. If you wish to change it later, you will need to contact us at
Reset my password
Click "Forget your password?" button under login form in Liven app and follow the instructions.

About Liven

What is Liven?
Liven is a digital entertainment club that gives its members access to exclusive offers from some of the best restaurants, retailers and service providers. The businesses on Liven are curated to ensure our high standards of service are maintained.
When was Liven founded?
Liven was founded in early 2013 and the first beta service was introduced in June 2014.
Where do you operate?
The birthplace of Liven is Melbourne (Australia), and it is the only city where we conduct our business at the moment.

Partnering with Liven

How do I list my business with Liven?
Register your interest in joining the Liven Partnership program and we will contact you promptly to discuss how your business can take part and what is required of you.
How much does it cost?
Joining Liven as a business partner is free! All you have to do is provide us with an enticing offer which you wish to make available to Liven members.
Do you charge commission?
No. No commission. Liven members pay you directly for the goods and services you provide to them, we do not handle your cash at all.
So what’s the catch. There must be a catch!
There is no catch. Our service is offered to you for free so that you can provide our users with fantastic experiences.
Well then how does Liven make money?
Users pay a membership fee to access the offers while businesses gain the benefits of new, engaged customers and increased word of mouth endorsement, plus what essentially amounts to free advertising on our platform.
My business is not in Melbourne, can I still join?
We are planning to expand to other major Australian cities in the next 6 to 12 months. Please register your interest as we have already begun recruitment in other Australian cities.
What can I expect from Liven?
In addition to the free listing service, you will also gain access to regular reports that will give you useful insights to the effectiveness of the partnership. Please contact us for more details.
How long is the commitment?
We invest a large amount of time into developing a profile that represents your business in the best possible light, and to ensure our efforts are not wasted we ask you to commit to the partnership for at least 1 year.
Can I leave the program at any time?
Our members pay to access offers from businesses like yourself and seeing them disappear week to week would be extremely damaging. If you feel Liven is not suitable program for you after the initial period of 1 year, you are not obliged to continue.

Liven Offer

What kind of offers do I need to give?
This is entirely up to you. But the offers should be sufficiently enticing in order for us to consider listing your business. You should check out some of the existing offers.
Can I offer different types of deals?
Yes. Our app allows you to list multiple types of offers. We encourage you to check out some of the existing offers.
Can I change or update the offer at anytime?
Yes, but your proposed offer or promotion must first be approved by us to ensure that it is suitable for our members.
Do I need an Internet connection or any special device?
No. Your customers will require an Internet connection to use the Liven app on their phone, but you do not need any sort of Internet connection or a special device to facilitate the service.


Please contact us to learn how to raise fund with Liven.